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Lee Ball
The Maxicorp Companies

Lee Ball purchased the Maxicorp Properties division of The Maxicorp Companies in 2004. Mr. Ball has over 25 years experience in the real estate industry and also has an in-depth financial background.

Mr. Ball is a court-appointed broker for U.S. Bankruptcy Trustees.  He is recognized as an expert witness in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District.

Lee also holds a Real Estate Broker License from the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Previous Experiences

Ameritech Realty

Lead Ameritech to become the fourth largest residential real estate brokerage firm in Houston.


Successfully restored the company to profitability within 11 months by implementation of a strong customer service program.

Tower Commercial Corporation
Chief Executive Officer

Expanded the investment sales and leasing groups assigned to his division. At this point he was responsible for third-party management in three cities and over nine million square feet of various types of properties.

Canam Management

Through Mr. Ball’s efforts, Canam was one of the top ten real estate investment sales firms and one of the top twenty-five property management companies in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area.

Santa Rosa Industries
Principle & Executive Vice-President

Among his many experiences, Mr. Ball has:

Structured partnerships
Brokered millions of dollars in improved and unimproved real estate

Chartered two NW Houston Banks